It’s so sexy to be a ghost !


Do you believe in ghosts ? I do. Well, sort of. Not in a Sixth Sense kind of way. I’m not afraid of ghosts and I don’t sleep with a cru­ci­fix near my bed (unless I’m doing my infa­mous « Like a vir­gin » rou­tine) . When you are raised by Viet­namese par­ents, you are taught that your dead ances­tors are still here, some­how, some­where. As long as they have some­one to remem­ber them, their souls will be peace­ful and serene. Only the ones who have no descen­dants are con­demned to be haunt­ing ghosts. Talk about pres­sure to force you to have kids.

Since I have no plans to have kids yet, and since I haven’t find a poten­tial father for my poten­tial kids, I have start­ed to con­sid­er becom­ing a ghost when I die. And since my life is – as always – a musi­cal, I turned to musi­cal the­atre to find some sources of inspi­ra­tion. Strange­ly enough, sev­er­al ghosts can be found in French musi­cals this season.

Of course, Crea­tures need­ed to have its ghost. Per­formed by Liza Michael, this ghost is extreme­ly classy and ele­gant, and wears a long white dress, of course (I know I already men­tioned that dress in this col­umn before). It’s so dif­fi­cult to wear white when you’re over 15 that some­times I wish I was a ghost, so I can wear long white dress­es that give me an inno­cent look. Add a gar­de­nia flower in my hair, and I’m will­ing to com­mit sui­cide tomor­row. When you’re a ghost, you’re sup­posed to look the same through the years, right ? How cool. Prob­a­bly bor­ing after a while, but at least, you can’t get older.

Anoth­er ghost is the cen­tral char­ac­ter (it’s even on the poster !) of La guinguette a rou­vert ses volets, an exquis­ite new French musi­cal. Gas­pard (sounds like Casper to me) is a young man (per­formed by Phillip Weis­sert) who gets trag­i­cal­ly killed in a sor­did love affair. So he becomes a ghost. A quite sexy ghost I have to say. Can I buy a house with a ghost like that some­where ? It’s prob­a­bly eas­i­er to live with a ghost than with a man. Do they leave their socks every­where ? Prob­a­bly not. That’s my point.

There’s also a ghost in Zap­ping, but I don’t remem­ber a lot about her. I was too busy dream­ing about some (male) dancers (and some of their out­fits) that I didn’t real­ly care about her. Lycra can be so eye-catching.

Think­ing about death and haunt­ing can be depress­ing after a while. If no one remem­bers me when I die, if I have to become a ghost, at least I hope I’ll be a ghost with style.